Kissing Booth 3 Ending: Why Elle & Noah Wouldn’t Last

The Kissing Booth 3 leaves the door open for Noah and Elle to get back together. While that may happen, heres why the pair would never last.

Despite The Kissing Booth 3s ending leaving Noah and Elles relationship status on an open-ended note, signaling the potential for it to rekindle, it would never last. While they technically are no longer a couple, sparks still fly between a more grown-up Elle and Noah when they meet again after years in The Kissing Booth 3s time jump. But there are numerous reasons that it wouldnt work between them as their problems are fundamental.

In the threequel, the young couple ends their relationship on a mature note, showing they genuinely care for one another. Noah breaks up with Elle to ensure that she doesnt attend Harvard simply for the sake of following him. Elle decides shes content with the decision because she wants to figure out what makes her happy instead of just trying to please the men in her life. But that aforementioned coda finds them reuniting six years later and flirt, with Elle hopping on his motorcycle in a “riding into the sunset” ending for The Kissing Booth 3.

Odds are that the couple will give it another go. But Noah and Elle arent meant to last for one simple reason — they bring out the worst in each other but found proven success and happiness when they were apart. Elle and Noahs relationship is toxic, and part of that can be attributed to the growing pains of young love, but there were fundamental issues that went far beyond that. Their relationship is sweet in The Kissing Booth, but the subsequent movies in the series show they have major trust issues with one another. In the second movie, theyre both convinced that the other is cheating, leading to constant fights between Elle and Noah. As every Kissing Booth movie is told from Elles point of view, these frequent arguments mean that Noahs feelings always fuel Elles actions. Worse, Noah is often angry and immature with Elle, while Elle has zero agency in her life. Their relationship simply isnt healthy.

Writer and director of The Kissing Booth 3, Vince Marcello, said in an earlier interview that he believes they will get back together, saying, “In my mind, they do. They do give it another shot. Through the lines and the dialogue and the structure of the scene, you’ll hear two people who are giving each other signals that they want to try again.” Marcellos statement underscores whats conveyed on screen in that scene; their language and actions show that they still care for each other, even after all that time. But two people can care deeply for each other and still be completely wrong for one another.

But when The Kissing Booth 3s ending time jump reintroduces Noah and Elle to one another after six years apart, each seems truly happy with their current lives. Both have found a way to pursue their dreams independently of one another — her as a video game designer and him as a lawyer. Without their toxic relationship occupying their time and energy, Noah and Elle are able to succeed and find happiness on their own. Ones first love will always give them a bit of a thrill and feelings of nostalgia, but that doesnt mean its real – they were first loves for a reason. So while Elle and Noah may eventually try again after the events of The Kissing Booth 3, theyll inevitably realize that they were better off apart.

How The Kissing Booth 4 Could Make Up For The Third Movies Bad Ending

Although a fourth film in The Kissing Booth franchise isnt likely, it could fix The Kissing Booth 3s ending by exploring Elles college years.

The ending to Netflixs The Kissing Booth 3 wasnt the best conclusion for the teen rom-com franchise, and a hypothetical The Kissing Booth 4 could fix that. Following the young adult books written by Beth Reekles, The Kissing Booth movie series wrapped up with its third and presumably final film earlier in August. Although the status of another sequel has been up in the air, its pretty unlikely that the storyline will continue in yet another installment. That being said, a potential fourth film could fix some of the problematic aspects of the third films divisive ending.

Starring Joey King as Elle Evans, The Kissing Booth franchise follows Elles high school experiences, particularly her friendship with Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) and relationship with his brother Noah (Jacob Elordi). In The Kissing Booth 3, Elle struggled with her decision between Harvard and Berkeley and feared letting down her best friend or her boyfriend. Elle spent the summer in a tug-of-war as she tried to please everyone close to her, which has been a common theme throughout the movies. She eventually opted to make her own college choice and exhibited some growth by the end of the film, but the ending was still problematic with the suddenness of the time jump and the open-ended status of Elle and Noahs unstable relationship.

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